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      SAM EULA CHANGES   10/20/2016

      As of today, SAM - Shape Atlas for Men, will be under the general EULA, and no longer hosted on Hall of Torque. Please read more on http://www.vectorplexus.com/index.php?/topic/60-sam-hall-of-torque-and-change-in-eula/#comment-533  

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  3. Boxer texture replacer

    I using that mod I said, but I have a problem now. Is there anyway to change the SAM's default underwear to a boxer, with a texture from this mod? I changed some textures and the underwear of the character already got the texture from boxer (very bad and out of proportion, but it's ok for now) but it's not a boxer yet, it's the same shape from default. Anyway to solve this?
  4. Hello. some may have noticed but ladymoianare is closed. so when you try to get the necessary stuff for bodyslide like vectors caliente tools for sam in bodyslide, it wont go there due to the link being broken by the closing of ladymoianare. if anyone knows where the likes are please let me know, if your allowed to. gracias
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  6. Boxer texture replacer

    That was fast... so.. I found one and it's already what I want.
  7. Hello everyone. My "mission" now is find a boxer's texture to replace default underwear in SAM. I searched a while but all I found was only mods with some underwear to craft, and don't to replace. Is there anyway to replace default SAM's underwear like this? It's a example for what I want. And an aditional question and probably for the solution too, is there anyway to "convert" a underwear texture from a crafted underwear from a mod to replace de default underwear? I think it can be a good way too to do it.
  8. SAM - Khajiit Textures

    I keep messing it up. Don't know why, don't usually. Either way, hopefully the version I uploaded this time works.
  9. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    Yeah the new SSE ENB release is amazing! There is no performance hit for me on ultra skyrimSE Re-engaged enb settings, finally dumped ReShade, whatever they did to enb was massive on the optimization end this round, in addition to adding more sweet features. Still need to get ECE working tho lol...
  10. I have noticed, that since I've installed SAM, Khajiit hands are missing. I have hand fix and all installed, but still no hands. The whole body is there, but no hands. I have no other mod that could change khajiit race in anyway. I'm not playing sa khajiit, but almost every catrace (male) npc has no hands.
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  12. SAM - Khajiit Textures

    Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing! Just a minor thing, I noticed when I installed this using NMM that my files was not asked to be replaced. There's a mapping/folder error. Instead of /character it says /characters. Perhaps it's just me, but that folder has Always been named "character" for me. I tried to repack this and install it myself but for some reason my NMM wont install it, saying it cant be added. Also it got from 145MBsize to 175MB when I repacked it. Strange! anyway thanks again for your work! Always nice to see some beast race love!
  13. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    It's SkyrimSE, yes. The body is technically SAM light in that I only use SAM body meshes and no scripts. The lighting in SkyrimSE got changed. So SAM textures do look a bit off compared to Oldrim. Subsurface scattering is the only thing I miss from Oldrim ENB. The most recent update to SE ENB finally added SSAO-SSIL and it looks much better than SE's SSAO. ENB updates won't happen as often due to Bethesda still updating SE for their Creation Club content. I still have Oldrim around for developing and testing mods, but most of my gameplay is on SE.
  14. SAM NIF Libraries

    I've got them if they aren't actually available somewhere on here. I know the tutorial link is wrong, but I thought maybe it'd be here. Dunno, I have a link though. I'll PM.
  15. i'm want to try refitting some armor for my game and i'm wondering where i can get the required NIF files, the tutorial PDF is fairly easy to follow but the links are dead.
  16. Awesome as always bro. Too bad skin in skyrim se not good because no subsurface scattering. I wonder if you can increase sam skin quality in SE and LE.. I always believe your hand about sam mod.
  17. S.A.M. with muscles normal maps

    Hello guys help i,d like to install this mod S.A.M. SOS+SAM normals pt01.7z but i get something like this untitled jpg how do i proceed please thank you
  18. I've got a hankering for some Orc meat
  19. *gasps* OMG!!! O_______O looks ... AMAZING
  20. Just how powerful is ur computer? The details are crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Gosh.... is this Skyrim SE? I am amazed! Is that body SOS light or Sam light for SE? And hands down ur guy is STILL the top 3 most handsome Skyrim guys ever!
  22. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    I'm gearing up for my next playthrough of SkyrimSE with a quick port of Geralt's Ursine armor I made for unarmed combat. Textures aren't done yet and I still need to make an environment map to make the metallic parts of the armor more shiny.
  23. SAM - Khajiit Textures

    Looks very good
  24. Realistic face texture.
  25. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    He does indeed!
  26. can you share it?
  27. Version 1.0.2


    Description To say that this is a retexture isn't entirely true. It uses the textures that are already included in the base download (made by SinglesCat). However, those were never really destined for the SAM body shape, so there were several inconsistencies when you used it. I originally did some edits and uploaded them to the Hall of Torque, but they no longer host mods; I was in the process of doing some edits for myself so I decided to upload a newer package here. Generally the edits are subtle, but hopefully noticeable, mostly fixing seams and so on. Bear in mind I'm not a texture artist, so the work isn't going to be 100% perfect, but I hope it's acceptable. What's Included I included facial textures, but I didn't edit them. I included them only because they are no longer available on SC - Khajiit Improvement, and the body textures simply won't match with anything otherwise. I tweaked the smooth and striped diffuse textures to remove some seams along the inner leg. There's some lighter color sections that didn't match up, I did some cloning to close that seam a bit. This was more noticeable on the smooth texture, so that's where I focused the work. I also added shading for a belly button and nipples. SAM's body mesh has them modeled in, so I figured I would add them. The belly button is just simple shading I did, but the nipples are from the Lykaios Race by KrittaKitty. I also added toe nails that were used from the hand mesh, personally I use a set of toe claws I modified so I don't even notice it anyways. I copied over the pink toned flesh that ShinglesCat put on the palms and soles in her newer version of her textures, and put them in here. Vector's original genital texture was meant to match up with Bethesda's, creating a seam, now it should be mitigated. With certain ENBs the specular lighting on the hands and feet were too high, and as a result created a seam. I reduced the specular lighting here to reduce some seams. The same is true sides of the body, and the hip/groin region. I heavily edited the normal maps so that now when your character's weight is at 0, or you have high values of samuel, there's less muscle definition. This is most noticeable in the chest region but I smoothed out everywhere else as well. For higher weights I added abdominal definition, and more definition in the pecs, they should appear a bit more smooth now than before. The abs aren't quite as defined as some of the mods I have seen here, but I was going more for a look that was in line with the Vector's textures. Finally, I swapped some of the channels for the normal maps on the tail. This was present even in the vanilla game. Basically light hitting the tail from above would be treated as if it was being cast from the front, and vice versa. This was most noticeable in front of something like a fire, or outside, where your back would be bright and the tail would be dark, or vice versa. The tail should match the body now. I included a before and after picture if this doesn't make sense. Credits ShinglesCat for the original textures, whose work is most predominantly featured here VectorPlexus for SAM KrittaKitty for LykaiosRace, whose texture assets I used slightly Bethesda for Skyrim
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