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      SAM EULA CHANGES   10/21/2016

      As of today, SAM - Shape Atlas for Men, will be under the general EULA, and no longer hosted on Hall of Torque. Please read more on http://www.vectorplexus.com/index.php?/topic/60-sam-hall-of-torque-and-change-in-eula/#comment-533  


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    Looks like Pucamishi and I had the same idea for some Orcs
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    Cain with his handsome face but sad eyes:
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    Too sick to do anything so these are probably quite uninspired shots: Back to bed for me...
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    Trying a new ENB with mixed results:
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    I've got a hankering for some Orc meat
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    I'm not an expert on screensho ts, but I tried my best
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    Version 1.0.0


    Credit to Seedeye for original https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30540/? Can be crafted at forge or use console command "help loincloth"
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    I had some time to pop back into Skyrim SE and play around for a bit. Taken with the lastest NAT + PRT ENB with some custom settings. Face and body textures are custom made that I never got around to finishing. They are for my private use only.
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    Needed something warm so here's a guy by a fire He'd be warmer with clothes on but that's not how I roll
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod intent is to be a companion mod to XSoldier, but I've chosen to make a separate mod because of management reasons and because not everyone may want to have these loading screens. INSTALLATION To install the mod just extract it to your game installation mod folder: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods REQUIREMENTS No requirements, however there is an issue with it running on War of the Chosen. Apparently the expansion is unable to read the Content/Movies folder on mods, so for this mod to work on WotC, you must move the movies (.bik) over to one of the Movies folder: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Movies \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XCom2-WarOfTheChosen\XComGame\Movies EDITING THE INI FILE By default, I have "cleared" the vanilla loading screens, but you can easily re-enable them. In the config folder you will find XComEngine.ini, you can open it with any simple text editor (Notepad on Windows or Text Edit on Mac, don't use stuff like Word!). You will see lines that start with either a MINUS or a PLUS sign. MINUS means that the engine will look for that existing value, and remove it from the data. PLUS does the opposite. If you still want to see the vanilla loading screens just put a ; before each line that has a MINUS sign, like this: ;-LoadMapMovies=1080_LoadingScreen_Advent_1.bk2 ;-LoadMapMovies=1080_LoadingScreen_Advent_2.bk2 ;-LoadMapMovies=1080_LoadingScreen_Advent_3.bk2 ;-LoadMapMovies=1080_LoadingScreen_Advent_4.bk2
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    Playing with some fun mods and old ENBs: Tropical Skyrim - I love tropical settings. FootIK OFF Spell - Forces collision for characters feet when posing (see how his feet are correctly placed on the log) As for sharing him; maybe. The problem being that I'm too lazy/stupid to put together an actual mod of him. He'd be missing his hair/horns/eyes/facepaint/armour/body textures. To a point where you might as well make your own demon fella. He is just a red Nord after all. But if people want him I could share a Racemenu preset or something as bare-bones as it'd be.
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    Manly Monday Argonian Warrior With some belly!
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    Irileth : "Balgruuf, did you slip out again last night for a drink at the Bannered Mare?"
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    Version 2.011.19


    This is just an "emergency" upload, so people will still have access to SAM, since its now being removed from Hall of Torque. Like I already stated, I havent worked with SAM/Skyrim in almost 2 years now, so I have no idea what was exactly changed, and pretty much forgot a great deal of how things work, but I will get back on working on Skyrim/SAM mods once the SSE (Skyrim Special Edition) is released Hands gap fixed (courtesy of @KouLeifoh, thank you!): SAMHands fix2.zip Install the fix by overwriting the mod's files either manually or via NMM (or by a mod manager of your choice).
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    Trying to improve with my Male shots. Would be cool if you could tell me what you think. NSFW ahead! >> SET 1 << >> SET 2 <<
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    smidgen your cool designed Characters kinda insperated me to create this dude. His name is Caleb, a young Druid. He's traveling with a puppy Wolf.
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    Leon preset. Just download at download section.
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    It's SkyrimSE, yes. The body is technically SAM light in that I only use SAM body meshes and no scripts. The lighting in SkyrimSE got changed. So SAM textures do look a bit off compared to Oldrim. Subsurface scattering is the only thing I miss from Oldrim ENB. The most recent update to SE ENB finally added SSAO-SSIL and it looks much better than SE's SSAO. ENB updates won't happen as often due to Bethesda still updating SE for their Creation Club content. I still have Oldrim around for developing and testing mods, but most of my gameplay is on SE.
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    Version 1.6.0


    REMEMBER, THIS MOD IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. INSTALLATION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To install the mod just extract it to your game installation mod folder: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. ABOUT THE MOD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod was initially developed to simply add a slider Customization option, to be able to have soldiers look more or less muscular. Aside from that I also made revealing versions of some of the armor parts (it's a WIP, and eventually I may refit more parts at some later point). But to achieve a slider it's a type of mod that changes the Soldier Animation Tree, so any mod that does the same will be incompatible (none that I'm aware of though). In order to make meshes (specially heads) to be slider enabled, its an incredible "destructive" thing to do, since the game engine doesn't allowfor proper export of the existing meshes, so I basically had to "redo" all heads and that's why they look different from the ones on the base game. I added two new custom heads (Dustin and Chris Redfield) but I do plan to add more later on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. REQUIREMENTS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Because with time I have added countless features from Alien Hunters DLC, it is now an absolute requirement. Without it, bugs will happen. XSoldier has support for XCOM 2 MCM, get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1122831824 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. FEATURES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although the mod started by being just a graphic mod, I generally do like to include some minor gameplay changes to go along with it. NO BOOBS ALLOWED! As many of you know, my goal and mission is mostly to provide mods that focus on men, so this mod operates exclusively on male soldiers. There is also an option on the MCM that will allow you to automatically convert any female crew members on the Avenger to male. This will affect Clerks and Crew, but not Soldiers. If you want inflating boobs... ask someone else! GAME MODES NORMAL: The normal mode makes the game operate almost only like a graphical Mod. The soldiers will have a Weight slider on the customization screen, that will you to set a value for each. Some gameplay elements might be present, but they don't affect gameplay. To set the mode to normal, you must uncheck IMMERSIVE and STAT PROGRESSION on the MCM screen (false for both if you edit the INI). IMMERSIVE: The Immersive mode operates much like NORMAL, with the exception of the slider, which will be locked. So if you want to get a soldier bigger, you will have to use the GTS and the AWC. This mode will also automatically import a soldier's weight from the Character Pool, as long as a character with the same name exists. STAT PROGRESSION: As the name implies, this mode will change soldier's stats and abilities, which will influence the gameplay. Slider is also be locked, and no CP import will happen. For balance reasons each "body level" will have some buffs and debuffs. GUERRILA TRAINING SCHOOL (GTS) The GTS will now have an extra training staff slot, in which you can have a soldier to train. Just like any other training project, after a few days, the soldier's weight will increase. I have also made so that any soldier or NPC will be bare chest while at the facility. ADVANCED WARFARE CENTER (AWC) Training at the GTS can only get you so far, and to continue gaining more weight and increase the body level, you will need to subject the soldier to Gene Therapy. Once the appropriate project time runs, the soldier will be able to further increase his weight by training at the GTS. BODY LEVELS AND ABILITIES While playing with XSoldier on STAT PROGRESSION mode, soldiers will have to train at the GTS to be able to bulk up, and by doing so they get some buffs but also debuffs. Each level steps at every 20 weight: LEVEL 1 - LEAN: The first level, will be earned when you get weight at 20. LEVEL 2 - ATHLETIC: Earned when the soldier gets weight at 40. LEVEL 3 - ROBUST: At weight 60. Typically you will need to get the soldier under Gene Therapy to be able to reach this level, as by default, the Weight Cap is set to 50. The soldier will also gain immunity to panic. LEVEL 4 - MUSCULAR: Set at 80. At this level, the soldier will earn the Rage Strike ability, the same from the Rage Suit, but no charges, and with a cooldown of 3 turns. LEVEL 5 - MASSIVE: Reached when you get the soldier at max weight, 100. The Soldier will gain the Wall Breaking ability, which allows him to break everything in is path... Who needs doors? Just smash through that wall and keep moving! Unfortunately, this ability will also break the Squad/Soldier concealment, forcing you to rethink your gameplay if you have a Massive Soldier on your squad. Some advice regarding Classes vs Weights. I generally built the Buffs and Debuffs around this order: Psi Operatives Sharpshooters/Specialists Rangers/Grenadiers/Commando Basically, the more weight you get, the more you will benefit if you are a more "Heavy" class. The motto is, Big and Dumb... A soldier at 100 weight, will be extremely susceptible to Mind Control, so be careful. I also strongly advise using Speed/Movement PCS, as the bigger they get, their mobility will be reduced and more easily visible by aliens. MORE BERSERKERS Because by default, the Gene Therapy will require you to expend a Berserker body I have changed the spawns for Berserkers, so they may now spawn in every mission. ALIEN HUNTERS/CENTRAL AS A SOLDIER/RAGE SUIT Central Officer John Bradford will now be available as a soldier, with a unique class, Commando. This class is basically a mix between Grenadier and Ranger, but instead of buffing grenades, it will buff Heavy Weapons. He can equip one, regardless of the armor being used. He will also be able to gain an extra level, Field Marshall, and can be a bit Overpowered. However, letting him die or be captured in battle, will end the game. Since at weight 80 in STAT PROGRESSION the soldiers will gain the Rage Strike ability, I have changed the Rage Suit ability to the Quake ability from the Berserker Queen. Because of the way the ability works, it will work differently on NORMAL/IMMERSIVE and STAT PROGRESSION. The 2 first, the ability is just a Rage Strike AoE instead of single target. It was also added a "system" in the game that tries to load Bradford always, regardless of the soldiers who are already loaded and any INI tweaks that have been made. There are some occasions when he will not show up, but I was unable to determine the reason. REVEALING ARMORS Yep, thats a thing for me... if there are for women, why not for men? =P BODY TATTOOS XSoldier adds options on the customization to have Tattoos on other body parts besides arms. MCM SUPPORT XSoldier integrates MCM API, so users can easily change options in-game. Aside from the features already described, I'll skip explaining the options since most are self-explanatory. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. KNOWN ISSUES AND BUGS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a list of known bugs/issues. If you find anything not listed here, please report the issue at the forums (www.vectorplexus.com): GENERAL If you have Scale enabled, Soldiers that are +50 weight will have the XPad Camera not properly aligned, which renders the XPad the rise out of the screen. Likewise, for the same reason you will see some silly offset when a Soldier is doing pullups at the GTS, and other animations might look less "optimal". There is a known bug with the game, that causes Proving Ground Experimental projects to not properly reward an item. Although XSoldier does not really add any new item projects, it seems to be causing this issue aswell. You can fix this by installing http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=665435869 When Central is forced to spawn on the Avenger, it might not show up, or spawn in T-Pose. ASSETS Lack of vanilla content: Because I had to "destroy" all original content, to make all meshes "compatible", I would need to refit all. It takes a lot of time, so in some cases I have opted to remove some content. Few minor mesh "bugs", that produce some holes, on shoulders/arms and on the butt. Arms Tattoos are being applied simultaneously on left and right arms. This issue its because how they are applied on the mesh by using a vertex colour filter, I need to re-export the meshes to fix it. The male Codex texture swaps between the original and the proper one. CUSTOMIZATION The slider doesn't work very well when using the scroll on the mouse. I did my best to minimize this issue, but it may still happen. During Customization, you are able to have the Kevlar Armor sleeves with the bare torso. This is not intended, and everything is properly setup, so I can only assume its happening because of some Game bug. MISSIONS Soldiers who have gained the Wall Breaking ability, will destroy the elevator on Shen's Last Gift Mission (The Lost Tower). I tried to see if I could get a fix, but so far no luck. Just don't take any Soldier that is 100 Weight on the mission, in case you play with STAT PROGRESSION. When a soldier gets resurrected by psi attacks, it will loose the weight and will get the double head bug. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. GENERAL GAMEPLAY TIPS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you chose to use STAT PROGRESSION mode, you should consider the following issues: As a soldier gets bigger, he will lose his mobility, so equipping PCS: Speed on them is vital, otherwise they will be severely gimped. Be mindful that as soon as you have a soldier with weight 100 on your squad, the moment he moves, the squad will lose concealment. Avoid changing Mod Options in the middle of a mission or if that mission save was made with a different Mode setting. While I did some effort to make the appropriate changes on the strategy layer, changing stuff on units while in a mission is a bit more complex and I couldn't be bothered with it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. USABILITY AND COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHER MODS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some people have asked me for a LW2 patch, I tried and failed, and if you read the LW2 disclaimer, you will see that it's a mod that is very intrusive and changes A LOT of classes by overriding them. Overriding is the best method to do changes, but also to ensure mod incompatibility, and thats why I only override one single class, XComHumanPawn. I tried several times to implement the slider without any overrides, but the results were buggy. TL;DR: I will not provide any compatible patches with any complex mod such as LW2. However, XSoldier's Slider feature, still works with LW2, just not those things that change gameplay. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. LOCALIZATIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since I can't really write everything on every available language, I'm leaving a call out to everyone that is able to do the localizations for me: GERMAN: Drakon FRENCH: Xenthas RUSSIAN: sh1ny/Ivik CHINESE: No one TRADITIONAL CHINESE: No one SPANISH: No one ITALIAN: No one JAPANESE: No one KOREAN: No one POLISH: No one
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    This house mod very sexy. Whiterun Mansion Mod. Maybe some of you will like it. Recommended.
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    My dragonborn since beginning.
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    I still love big, big Altmer with big, big... swords.
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    Version 1.2


    Add HDT butt, breast, and belly bounce physics to SAM's body mesh with this mod. The bounce movement was kept clean and subtle, but there may be some distortion with certain body poses. Due to the way the vertices were weighted, it's not recommended to scale the butt, breast, or belly bones. Doing so will cause distortions in the mesh. Use Samson/Samuel morphs instead. An alternate version was created where the butt bounce encompasses the entire butt rather than just the lower half. It's considered an experiment for now. As of version 1.2, all the gaps in the wrists and neck have been fixed. For completion sake, SAM's default underwear was weighted alongside the butt bounce, but there is a lot of clipping on the sides. There won't be too much time spent on it since most players would opt for SAM's nude option anyway. Requirements: HDT-PE XPMSE or my modified SAM skeleton (info below) Installation: The default version (formally known as "global") is recommended if you don't use any other HDT-PE mods, specifically ones that modify the global xml file (SKSE\Plugins\hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml). Most armor mods should be fine. If you use female body mods with HDT, they have their own physics settings and may not look right on the male body. Use the "actor" version instead which forces SAM's body mesh to use its own xml file (meshes\actors\character\character assets\malebody_hdtPhysicsExtensions.xml). The only drawback to this is that physics for the male body will only be active on a naked characer. Other physics-enabled mods that don't use a custom xml will use the global xml by default. For more bounce, use the optional xml file. If you don't want to use XPMSE for whatever reason, you can use my modified SAM skeleton instead. I added the butt, breasts, and belly nodes to SAM's skeleton as well as the changes from Realistic Ragdolls and Force.
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    Version 0.1


    A collection of Tattoos created by Sticky for XSoldier. To install the mod, extract it to your game installation mod folder: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods
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