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  1. SAM Refit Requests

    @Don that looks really good so far.
  2. SAM Refit Requests

    i tried refitting my these myself but got nowhere, the mods i picked for this thread are ones that i was hoping are going to be vary appealing to a lot of SAM players and not just me, i was hesitant put full armor as part of this thread, it's going to be a lot more work then the skimpy armor.
  3. i have a few refit requests that i hope someone here would refit if they have the time. Apachii Divine Elegance Store: some of the best Sexy But Non-Skimpy set for I've ever seen and i think SAM would look amazing in these outfits. Witcher 3 Kaer Morhen Armour: just a nice tight fitting armor . W3 Toussaint Knight Armor Collection: a knight in shining armor anyone. Furbs by RefurbMadness: this guy has made some of the best SOS armors on nexus and the best part, he's completely ok with people modifying his work as long as he's credited and it not monetized.
  4. T-Posed Civilians

    dose anyone know how to fix this, when i run XSoldier, most civilians go into a T-Pose, I've starting a new game, disabling other mods, reinstalled the game, I've even lowered my graphics settings as a shot in the dark and nothing works outside of disabling XSoldier, any ideas on this?
  5. XSoldier WOTC Update

    wile i don't expect to ever see animations, is there a possibility of full nudity in the future?
  6. do you everything i have?
  7. is "Dark Vampire Lord Retexture" by Hymnaru also is Ixum still active?
  8. sorry i missed the part about that he was still active and asking Hymnaru, i'm an idiot , how many of them are from him?
  9. ok, i do have some of these files (at least i think some of these are the ones listed), can someone tell me how many of these are no longer available, I've been trying to archive as many of these older sam mods as possible
  10. these mods are likely on some non-english forums, site or mod specific sites (lot of them get uploaded without permission) but don't ask where, it can be vary difficult to find them when a major mod site goes down and a lot of us just accepts it as a loss.
  11. Aoki revealing armor mod

    it's basically Russian facebook and almost as big it (VK is it URL and english name ), if you willing to do some digging, i'm 80% sure it on there somewhere. VK is legal but known for copyright issues and ignoring take down requests, so theirs a lot of links from obscure game mods to well known game mods to illegal copies of copyrighted material, it kind of amazing especially for things presumed to be lost.
  12. Aoki revealing armor mod

    if that mod is anywhere nowadays, it would be somewhere on VK, not only is it a social network site but an unintentional graveyard of things you thought were lost but ended up there somehow.
  13. i hope more these get uploaded, i would download all of these so fast
  14. unfortunately, out side of the included PDF, i don't have any info on that and if you're having a problem with these files, your best bet is to make a thread about it.
  15. depression and social anxiety is something i know all to well, a pathetic bully like him only makes things worse and to be honest, you're more mentally stable then he is, you struggle but try to do good and put smiles on peoples faces (SAM make a lot of us vary happy ), anyway, i agree, lets try to forget the past.