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  1. Boxer texture replacer

    I using that mod I said, but I have a problem now. Is there anyway to change the SAM's default underwear to a boxer, with a texture from this mod? I changed some textures and the underwear of the character already got the texture from boxer (very bad and out of proportion, but it's ok for now) but it's not a boxer yet, it's the same shape from default. Anyway to solve this?
  2. Boxer texture replacer

    That was fast... so.. I found one and it's already what I want.
  3. Hello everyone. My "mission" now is find a boxer's texture to replace default underwear in SAM. I searched a while but all I found was only mods with some underwear to craft, and don't to replace. Is there anyway to replace default SAM's underwear like this? It's a example for what I want. And an aditional question and probably for the solution too, is there anyway to "convert" a underwear texture from a crafted underwear from a mod to replace de default underwear? I think it can be a good way too to do it.
  4. Bugs with SAM

    Thanks for your reply, that help me a little. I disabled every XPMSE related but my savegames don't opened anymore, no one of them, so I think to disable SAM for a while in the savegame where it worked before (in the one where I'm in Dragonsreach and SAM worked in the NPCs there, but when I exit and/or load another location, the problem happens) and I run the Save Cleaner in that. Aparently, the schlongs don't bugs permanently anymore, BUT I saw sometimes when I load the new location, the schlong yet appear through clothes, but it was very, very fast so it's not ever showing. Also, I can edit every NPCs again. I don't know if it's the definitive solution, and I don't know if are my others mods did that (probably yes because I have many mods installed), but for now it's working. I will play more and if any problem happens again I tell here. And remembering, I removed XPMSE.esp too in skyrim's folder. That was really a problem with it, and how I said, it's working now but I don't know if any other problem will happen, but I hope it's OK now... Thanks you all.
  5. Bugs with SAM

    Yeah, I did that and it's seems work on a new game, I can edit the NPCs in new game and aparently the problem is gone, I need play in more locations to have sure. But have anyway for me to continue playing in my save without the problem and editing NPCs again? I don't know what to do for solve this... and I really don't want to start a new game now...
  6. Bugs with SAM

    I already tried this, unfortunately don't work What I saw here it's really a bug related to XPMSE + Racemenu, because I have a preset for my character made now and saved in racemenu. When I create a new game, and so load the preset in that character, the problem occurs again. I saw too XPMSE adding menus in racemenu I don't want, like "genitalia". I think that menu and it options is confliting with SAM, but I don't know how remove this without remove entire XPMSE, and removing XPMSE cause my characters be static because I'm using various mods and animations what requires XPMSE... And I think it's what causing the problem in the NPCs. How I said, when I removed XPMSE and my characters was static, that problem specific don't occurs. Anyone know what the hell is happening? I really don't want make a new game to play right again.
  7. Bugs with SAM

    I did that, but nothing has changed I don't know... I have a save without it happens, inside Dragonsreach, but if I go outside for Whiterun the problem happens and I still see the dicks of some men through the pants, and SAM don't let me edit any NPCs anymore, but while in Dragonsreach I can (note: I can't edit in Dragonsreach even if I go outside and go back, I can edit only if load my save and DON'T load any scenario). I unistalled XPMSE3 but still having the problem...
  8. Bugs with SAM

    Hello, guys. I have some problems with SAM. I have a savefile when I load it, it works perfectly, all my mods 100%. But if I go out or load any other location, the male NPCs start showing a schlong through the clothes, with the schlongs option enabled or not, and I can't edit any actors from SAM > actors menu, only my character. I have some mods so I think it's a incompatibility or something like that, but I already reinstalled the mods one for one and nothing helped. When I start a new game, with the Live Another Life, when I load another location, same problem... I don't know what to do more. And it's strange to have some savefiles who didn't get this error until I get out from room. Anyone can help me?
  9. Customize abs in Skyrim

    I want to make a character exactly like him, but I have nothing experience in sculpt the character for Racemenu or a 3d modeling in general, starting now in the college. I like so much him face, that's perfect for a character...
  10. Customize abs in Skyrim

    Thank you very much, that's SO better With this I get what I wanted, a body more muscular and realistic, with a smooth abs and without need change the width or use samson. Thank you again
  11. Customize abs in Skyrim

    One day I will have a character like him... so hot... one day hahaha And so, I will keep searching more, and for now I will use the first mod you showed here. There's not the exactly what I want, but is a very good one. And how I said, probably Ixum's works is the most near from what I search... unfortunately it's not exactly... Well... Going back to searching
  12. Customize abs in Skyrim

    I tested Hard Bodies, but I think it's too much for my taste haha The other first mod is better for me, I think. Hard Bodies is too many the "bodybuilder" type and I don't want this unfortunately Sorry for that, I think my preference maybe is too specific... but I really want keep searching to get one perfect for me. That's probably my "limit" for a texture I want. It's almost the bodybuilder type of Hard Bodies, but the abs is more "smooth". The Ixum's works is almost what I want: a muscular male body, but not too many.
  13. Customize abs in Skyrim

    I think I get it now... So... It's better, but it's not the way I want now yet unfortunately I'm sending a screenshot of my character. See... he's not the "bodybuilder" type, he's more slim. I only want show more of him muscles, particulary the abs/chest but not changing his weight or using Samsom, how you already understand I only want make him with more "defined chest".
  14. Customize abs in Skyrim

    I don't get it, sorry... What files I need to rename? And how it will be useful in my case?