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      As of today, SAM - Shape Atlas for Men, will be under the general EULA, and no longer hosted on Hall of Torque. Please read more on http://www.vectorplexus.com/index.php?/topic/60-sam-hall-of-torque-and-change-in-eula/#comment-533  


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  1. Thank you so much <3
  2. #ModderDrama

    I love you and need all of your armors, all of your characters just your entire Skyrim Data directory thanks
  3. #Where'dYouGetThatArmor Seriously where did you get that armor
  4. I need to steal him and make him into a follower, My Ifrit is cute and everything but this guy omg #DaedraWorshiper
  5. Ifrit/ Incubus Summon Follower

    When you say that he ditched his tail what do you mean? I've had problems where my fps were too high and it has caused issues with HDT armors and hair. For animation injecting mods like Sexlab and Osex you'll have to specify that he keep it on. I can attach the tail to his body however I 'm not sure if the game will understand that as with Khajiits and Argonians it's suppose to be visible even when he has on armor. I'm very happy that you like him and I hope that others do too I will be making him a follower soon and as it turns out that the body is also compatible with SOS as well however he ends up getting two schlongs lol and the player has to remove the one added through the MCM. It also works with the Floppy SoS mod but without out SAM it seems that his schlong end up clipping through his gonads.
  6. Awesome
  7. I was trying to find something on SOS conversions for SAM and I came across a Russian site with SAM Recoded on it and it also has links to other files that relate to SAM. https://rpgrussia.com/index.php?topic=10686.0 I am not sure where but I saw someone had asked for these files I downloaded the refits they contain the wolf and Dwarven armors as of 2/12/2018 @ 4:56 EST the links are all working SAM-Vanilla-Skyrim-Refits SAM-Afendors-Dragonborn-DLC-Refits SAM-Afendors-Dawnguard-DLC-Refits SAM-Optional-Legacy-Skimpy-Armors SAM-Optional-Vectors-Modular-Armors SAM-Optional-Moonlight-Tales-Essentials-Patch SAM-Optional-B3lisarios-Console-Slider-Extender-SetPQV
  8. :C no replies yet :C So my idea is that I'll have to use blinder or some other tool I guess I can use the same thing that I attached the penis with (outfit stuido) and just expand the size until the gap is covered. For the textures I'm going to try and use the UNP texture blender program :o?
  9. The transparent ones are the female version of the mesh fitted for the SAM body using outfit studio load the sambody_0 as an import and the Desert Dancer bottoms_0 .nif. You'll have to scale the mesh. Don didn't share them I suppose because it could cause issues and 2 it's arbitrary for the nature of the mod.
  10. Ifrit/ Incubus Summon Follower

    If anyone has any bugs to report please use the comment section or PM me!
  11. Incredible armor!!!

    This would be awesome more sexy armors >:D
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This mod introduces Ifrit and Ifrita from my Final Fantasy Summons mod on the Nexus So what does this file add: Two fire based entities that will attack enemies with powerful fire spells, essentially A succubus and Incubus. After you defeat the respective enemy npcs you'll be able to summon the Incubus and the Succubus as you wish. The summons are extremely overpowered and so as a result they're powers and can only be used one time a day however they will also stay with the player for an entire day or longer. How to beat them: *~*~*~*~Ice Ice baby *~*~*~* The enemies are weak against ice or I mean you can hack and slash until they die Ifrit: Incubus Features a unique body mesh that utilizes the SAM body so it can be scaled using the SAM MCM. Powerful fire magic attacks His items are wearable by the player (male and female) Horns,Wings,Tail, & Hair Ifrita: Succubus Features a summon spell that conjures flaming succubi to overwhelm enemies Her Items are wearable by the player (male and female) Wings,Crown,Armor, & Hair "What do I need to make this file work?" Prerequisites + their prerequisites: HDT BBB Bounce XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended Fores New Idles -- FNIS SKSE Check spoilers for credits and Q&A I totally dare you to use OSex's Dual Wield with Ifrit and the Angel from my other mod here and post pictures (lol)
  13. Hello all, =0? I wanted to introduce and idea I had for a new follower mod that I'll be publishing in part because it uses the SAM body mesh and I am not sure if I can publish Sam's Files in other places To get to the point I made the character Ifrit originally apart of my Final Fantasy Summons mod and through some alterations have made him a bit less human but I'm running into some issues and I was hoping that someone could give me some pointers. I was able to attach a demon/horse penis to him and have it interact nicely with SAM's body and cock scaling however there are some issues... 1.There is a gap behind his scrotum it's small but for the sake of completion it's bothersome, it can be fixed in game with SAM's MCM and scaling the scrotum larger. But how do I fix this to not bother the end user... 2.The texture for the penis region is a bit off from the body it's not by much but it is once again bothersome. I've included pictures of the issue under the spoiler so for now the mod is release it here as a W.I.P. The texture is controlled by the underwear color I think if I make the penis larger then I'll be able to fix the issue however. The mod is released with the loose files and .bsa included so that people can add their own meshes and textures to the file as they see fit.
  14. Bound Angels: The Meridian Guardians

    OuO 82 people downloaded this mod OuO I checked my messages and saw that KouLeifoh allowed me to use his armor So I'll update the mod with his armor Thanks you all I hope you all are happy with it. As I learn more I want the followers to help the player cleanse Merida's temple and I'll go back in if wanted and add custom body and face textures.
  15. #ModderDrama

    Exactly! Yet the author is like "oooooooo I want the armors to conform to the body I gave them!" I'm like how the body you gave them is way too thick in the hips and buttocks there will be nothing in game that will have those outlandish proportions. And a feminine boy can still use the male body... I just don't understand why he didn't just alter the head mesh and put it on a thin male body and use SOS's Milkdrinker textures and body that would literally solve his issue or hell even SAM with the no body hair option D: LAWD