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  1. XSoldier Loading Screens

    Version 1.0.0


    This mod intent is to be a companion mod to XSoldier, but I've chosen to make a separate mod because of management reasons and because not everyone may want to have these loading screens. INSTALLATION To install the mod just extract it to your game installation mod folder: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods REQUIREMENTS No requirements, however there is an issue with it running on War of the Chosen. Apparently the expansion is unable to read the Content/Movies folder on mods, so for this mod to work on WotC, you must move the movies (.bik) over to one of the Movies folder: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Movies \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XCom2-WarOfTheChosen\XComGame\Movies EDITING THE INI FILE By default, I have "cleared" the vanilla loading screens, but you can easily re-enable them. In the config folder you will find XComEngine.ini, you can open it with any simple text editor (Notepad on Windows or Text Edit on Mac, don't use stuff like Word!). You will see lines that start with either a MINUS or a PLUS sign. MINUS means that the engine will look for that existing value, and remove it from the data. PLUS does the opposite. If you still want to see the vanilla loading screens just put a ; before each line that has a MINUS sign, like this: ;-LoadMapMovies=1080_LoadingScreen_Advent_1.bk2 ;-LoadMapMovies=1080_LoadingScreen_Advent_2.bk2 ;-LoadMapMovies=1080_LoadingScreen_Advent_3.bk2 ;-LoadMapMovies=1080_LoadingScreen_Advent_4.bk2
  2. Xsoldier bug

    uh... never had that happen or had anyone telling me that, make sure you also have installed MCM for vanilla: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1122831824
  3. Xsoldier bug

    The ReadMe on bot XSoldier and XSoldier Outfit Limiter explain the issue. But I'll explain again. Each armor piece must be individually and manually refitted, its a lot of manual work, so I havent done ALL the armor parts (and most likely will never do them all). I might do more parts in the future, but thats on... cold storage for now. The purpose of the Outfit Limiter is precisely to remove from the game, the armor parts that are not refitted so you wont have that, although it will reduce the available parts. I hope that was clear.
  4. Xsoldier bug

    Make sure to post a working link, otherwise its hard to understand whats the probem (although I do have a good guess)
  5. XSoldier Outfit Limiter

    Version 2.0.1


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. INSTALLATION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To install the mod just extract it to inside your game installation mod folder: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. USE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod was mostly made to be a companion mod for XSoldier. Since not all armors have been redone and are not "prepared" for a slider, this mod was initialy designed to removeall the content on the vanilla game that is not prepared for XSoldier. With that however, a problem occurs to saved games that were started without XSoldier/XSoldier Outfit Limiter. Because the templates for parts no longer exist, the game fails to load anything, and thinks that no available parts for that armor exist. The new XSoldier Outfit Limiter aims to fix that problem, by checking the currently equipped armor and resetting it to how its supposed to look by default for XSoldier. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. USABILITY AND COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHER MODS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't vouch for any compatibility issues with other mods, but while this mod was made to operate with XSoldier, it should also be able to fix any missing content issues. If for example a mod for new armor parts was installed and later uninstalled, this mod should be able to fix the same problems caused by uninstalling it (floating heads/invisible body). If you use a mod like Uniform Manager, it may override what the mod is designed to do, however, the single MCM option (Enable Script Fix) is what actually fixes the problem and may cause problems with other mods. Since the script only exists to fix the floating head/missing body issue, it's advisable to just have the option checked if you need a particular soldier/armor to be fixed. To fix a specific soldier, just load that soldier in the armory while having the MCM enabled. After it gets fixed, you can disable the MCM option again, to allow other mods to operate as intended. The fix happens on the Main Menu, when you load a soldier in the Character Pool, in the Armory and in Squad Select screen.
  6. can you make a SAM refit for the generic clothing in skyrim? like miner's clothing, and the different clothing variations?


  7. What's new

    The Codex thing is giving me some problems.. While I have fixed the model issue, I now have texture issues. But while writing this I just come up with a solution... Its not really an optimal one, but will do the trick. I have some work to do today, but I believe I should have it ready somewhere during the afternoon (GMT)
  8. Xsoldier Screenshots

    The Rage Strike from Level 4 now properly animates btw =P
  9. What's new

    So I'm starting a thread about what's been going on in XCOM 2, since the expansion was released. As many of you are aware, I am currently working on XSoldier, I'm basically killing some bugs I left unattended, or some new ones that have arised, and adding some new minor features: Fixed missing localization/icons for some of the abilities Implemented support for MCM, so ppl can change setting in-game rather than changing the INI file Implementing Bradford to be played as a Soldier, on a new custom class, which is literally a mix between Grenadier and Ranger. Class is called Commando and it can level up to an extra rank than the other classes Because Bradford will be able to be played as a Soldier, I must change some things around, but that should be easy Try to figure out why the hell the Codex sometimes spawns as the original mesh (female) rather than the modded mesh (male) Adding some new arms from Tier 3 that was requested by @IvikN After all these tasks are done, and test it a bit, I will then procceed to make it compatible with WotC I'm also planning in eventually adding some nude legs with a schlong, but that has a fairly low priority for me ATM.
  10. Invisible Heads for XSoldier, Please

    @commodorecornflake I seriously doubt I will do that, because Invisible Heads is JUST WRONG!!! In fact, at some point, the dev team changed how heads work, just to allow new heads, also because I talked to Ryan McFall about that. I'm not going to sacrifice my design, just because everyone else is doing it wrong. It's up to the others to do whats right. Besides custom heads will never work with XSoldier because they dont have morphs implemented
  11. Other options in Xsolider mod

    To make a long story short, it was about rsources, and yes I had to re-start developing XSoldier from scratch after February/March
  12. XSoldier Compatibility

    @hippo1263 Sorry for the VERY late reply to this, I've been mostly absent... I have never tested with LW2 extensively, but I'm aware of the problem, and looked at the code. I dont think I will ever make it compatible: LW2 method of implementing new staff slots is "better" than mine, as it works on any save. However, judging by the code of LW2 this same method "wipe" cleans the staff slots, and rebuilds them. In order to have XSoldier compatible with LW2 there needs to be a specific version, and I will probably not do that My method, only works before building the GTS/AWC, but simply "adds" to what already exists I dont know if both methods can be "merged" Staff slots have had some work done on the base code in WotC (maybe to allow several mods, to add several Staff Slots, dunno, havent fully checked it) and I think thats one of the reasons its crashing the game.
  13. Xsoldier Screenshots

    yes I'm planning on doing nudish legs, but still have to test how the mod will react to new bones, and then think of what to do with them =P
  14. Xsoldier Screenshots

    But seeing your video... I could add a James Vega (also want to fix Chris Redfield, and maybe also do Chris from RE6)
  15. Xsoldier Screenshots

    yeah kinda looks like him, and no I wont do a Markiplier head. =P