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  1. SAM for SE

    Expired is currently working on RaceMenu for SSE, there's even an alpha version available on github. Expired's post on Nexus from 20 November 2017: I haven't experimented with it yet, but it sounds promising.
  2. Windows 10??

    The only problem there was under Windows 10 was that 32-bit apps could only use 4GB of VRAM max, even if your gpu has more than that. The Fall Creators Update fixed that, so there are no donwsides to using Win10 anymore, really.
  3. Skimpy Armor Body Glitch

    Using MO over NMM used to be a no-brainer. However, things have changed over the past two years or so since the developer behind MO switched to the NMM team. I don't know how much NMM has changed since then, so all I think to know about it might be wrong by now. Anyway, if the glitched guards are your only problem right now, just stick to using NMM for the time being. I guess only half of the guards are affected because there are two versions of the stormcloak cuirass, a sleeved one and a sleeveless one, and only one of the two is probably broken for you. The easiest solution you could try is to disable just the one armor that appears to be broken. Open the hdt-enabled armor mod you are using (I assume it's this one) by clicking in NMM-> Open folders-> open NMM mods folder-> virtualinstall-> “armor mod”, then navigate to meshes-> armor-> stormcloaks and disable “cuirassm_0.nif” and “cuirassm_1.nif” OR “cuirasssleeved_0.nif” and “cuirasssleeved_1.nif” (rename them or move them to another folder). Then start the game and see if the broken armor is gone. If disabling those meshes does nothing, you're altering the wrong mod. That way, this one variant of the cuirass won't be hdt-enabled, but at least it won't be glitchy anymore, either.
  4. Skimpy Armor Body Glitch

    There's a lot going on and it's hard to follow which is overwritten by what since you're using NMM, but it looks like hdt bbb bounce isn't overwriting SAM Core as it should. Reinstall hdt bbb bounce and make sure it overwrites SAM Core.
  5. What ENB do you use?

    I've tried dozens of ENBs. Weirdly, the more presets I try out, the less I'm satisfied with any of them My top three are TAZ, SnapDragon and Grim and Somber Jyggalag, each with their own pros and cons. Grim and Somber Jyggalag is easy to install and can look amazing at times. Looks better indoors than outdoors to me, though, and the whole sepia look gets old kind of quickly, anyway. What's worse, there are no tweaking options and its performance has gotten surprisingly bad. SnapDragon can look amazing, but you have to keep tweaking it all the goddamn time and there are just too many options I decided to ban it from my computer for a while because it started to frustrate me quite a lot, actually. Just like with G&S, there's something slightly off with the outdoor lighting, but I can't put my finger on it. Getting the contrast just right is hard for me, too. Most of the time, it's either a little too dark or too bright. Performance is good as long as you deactivate the DoF. TAZ has been my favourite preset for years now and it's the one I keep recommending to everyone. The outdoor lighting in particular simply looks SOOO GOOD. It's crisp, hits a great balance between cool and warm, doesn't crush details in dark areas while maintaining a sufficiently high contrast and makes colours pop without oversaturating them. Unfortunately, it has absolutely zero tweaking options and it hasn't been updated in forever, either. The real problem, however, is that it lacks variety compared to other presets, which is pretty much the only reason I keep looking into other presets at all. Performance impact is okay, I guess. Could be worse. My dream ENB would feature SnapDragon's variety and customisability paired with the overall look and feel of TAZ. One can always dream.
  6. Getting SAFS back up would be nice, but I can't remember for the life of me who the author was. Does anyone happen to know? Then we could just ask if they're cool with reuploading their work.
  7. My Argonian needs a leg day...

    Pretend your character is a Goron/Argonian hybrid and call it a day
  8. Purple hands

    sh1ny explained here that there've been problems with failing downloads recently. If you mean the file SAMHands_fix2.zip, it probably wouldn't fix your problem, anyway. Purple textures mean that the texture is missing, and the hands fix only changes the hand meshes. I'd suggest reinstalling the texture pack.
  9. SAM Installation Guide

    Most revealing armors available right now replace the vanilla armors, so it's either all or none for now. A solution would be to turn skimpy armors into new objects instead of replacing the vanilla ones. Then you could have both kinds at the same time and simply hand the skimpy version out to your followers. A few armor mods available here already do that, like rhavik's modular tsun armor if I remember correctly (and armors that don't have a vanilla counterpart, of course). It should be a relatively easy modification I think, but I'm not a modder, so I don't know if there are any technical difficulties to it.
  10. SAM Installation Guide

    Order of this files should be okay. "Optional Legacy Skimpy Armors" replaces Stormcloak armor with underwear, that's why the guards in Whiterun run around like strippers in your game. Same goes for Dragonbone, Dragonscale and Nordplate armors and some clothes. It may be a good idea to open the mod in explorer and go through the armors it contains one by one, opening and looking at them in Nifskope. If you don't like one, you can hide it through MO or just delete it. Most of the other mods you have installed either just refit the vanilla armors without altering them or add new armors that you have to find or add to your inventory via console first.
  11. SAM Downloads

    Yes, there are 13 poses that are integrated into the core files. To play them, you need to enter following command in the console: player.sae samposexx (replace xx with a value from 01 to 13) To make NPCs pose, you need to click on them when the console is open and then use the command without "player." in the beginning. Afendor's DLC refits are available on Nexus and he even updated them recently. Here are the links: Dragonborn DLC armor refit for SAM Dawnguard DLC refits for SAM
  12. Armor mods that work with SAM?

    They're all gone. And as long as the original mod authors don't decide to repost them on this site, they will be gone for good. I wish I could say something more soothing, but that's just the way it is.
  13. There was a SAM version of that mod floating around I think, but it really didn't look that good. What we need is something like Nvidia's Hairworks, full body edition ? FloppySOS works pretty well for me since its 2.2 release. There were some strange things going on before that, but it's pretty smooth now. Like all hdt mods it starts to freak out at framerates below 30 and above 60, and if you use Racemenu's schlong sliders it will deform your schlong with unpredictable results, but that's about it. The equippable hdt schlong was on HoT and is consequently gone, but that one created serious issues for me, anyway. If I saved my game while it was equipped, it got 'baked in' and basically destroyed that savegame. It also didn't have a hard-on option irc.
  14. I have to agree that different schlongs would be very nice indeed. Another way to make every schlong even more unique could be to implement a few more sliders. In particular, separate length and girth sliders would multiply the possibilities greatly. The two currently available sliders change both aspects when you use them, so it's not really possible to generate a short but fat schlong or a long but thin one. Which is a shame because even chodes and pencil dicks deserve some love. Another aspect I dream of is to be able to change the colour of the body hair. I just feel like the carpet should match the drapes, you know.
  15. SAM - Shape Atlas for Men

    If you're playing a beast race, the creature framework may be trying to equip a different schlong. If that's the case, check on Khajiit or Argonian NPCs, they should be affected as well. To fix that, untick the beast races in the MCM menu of either More Nasty Critters or the Creature Framework, I don't remember in which one it was exactly.