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      SAM EULA CHANGES   10/20/2016

      As of today, SAM - Shape Atlas for Men, will be under the general EULA, and no longer hosted on Hall of Torque. Please read more on http://www.vectorplexus.com/index.php?/topic/60-sam-hall-of-torque-and-change-in-eula/#comment-533  


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  1. SAM Installation Guide

    A small follow-up on the old issue: Install USLEEP and override files from your mods (SAM refits included) with those from USLEEP. For Mod Organizer users it's enough to drag USLEEP below SAM armor refits in the left pane.
  2. Different Face Color

    To quote Vector, You basically need to export FaceGenData files in CK and incorporate them into your mod.
  3. SAM Installation Guide

    The textures for the Vampire Lord model can be found in "Data\textures\Actors\vampirelord". Those are shipped in either SAM-Textures-HD or SAM-Textures-SD package.
  4. [XCOM 2] XSoldier

    @Megaloperiwinkle The update is in the works.
  5. To *.bmp uploaders: Please, do everyone a favour and stop uploading your pictures in bitmap (BMP) format unless you explicitly need that for technical reasons (not that there're many). The reasons why I'm for asking this are: Inconvenience. Forum members have to download them just to take a look. File size. Fairly self-descriptive. Uncompressed, it takes considerably more time to upload them for you and increases download times for everyone else. Not to mention server's storage that is limited. Obsoleteness. Many thin platforms/systems (including our CMS) don't support previewing bitmap files out of the box, and it's apparent that legacy platforms will follow the lead. Don't use .bmp. This is equally true for any system or website. That being said, please use any imaging software or online service you like to convert .bmp files to either .jpg (lossy) or .png (lossless) and only then upload your pics. If you have questions, I'll gladly answer those. Keep on rocking!
  6. Progress on WOTC Update?

    Vector has posted several testing versions of updated XSoldier mod to our Discord channel. Stay tuned for more!
  7. Great too see your pics here. They are amazing. Imgur is a good choice. It compresses your images a bit, but still provides neat quality. You can also attach your files directly to your posts or even create your own image gallery with multiple albums and then freely embed them throughout the forums.
  8. @Donnerskinde Please, refer to my previous reply. SKSE64 alone is not enough, NetImmerse Override is also a must for SAM to work properly.
  9. @Donnerskinde Yeah, to the delight of the author of these lines.
  10. @Kesner, @Ranulf, @Darnexx Downloads have been fixed. Please, try to download again.
  11. On Ad Matter

    So, this happened. We are beginning showing ads to our visitors really soon. Before you freak out: no, they're not those intrusive ads that everyone hates to see and never clicks on. How they are different? First of all, we're not showing you random ads from common ad platforms. Those platforms are spying on you, collecting data about your internet activity and preferences, and, let's face it, are generally annoying. We already know what our visitors are coming to us for and displaying only relevant ads. Secondly, we advertise only hand-picked items. For now it's just 3 video game titles: The Elder Scrolls® V Skyrim®: Legendary Edition, XCOM® 2 and XCOM® 2: War of the Chosen which is about to be released. We are honest with our users so we don't advertise games we can't currently mod due to technical reasons (namely Skyrim: SE). And guess what? Yes, those titles are generally cheaper than elsewhere, depending on your region. More to it, we are not using any third-party content to show ads. There are no external images, stylesheets and, more importantly, javascript files for showing the ads. It's just a hyperlink and an image inside. That's what native ads are: zero GMOs. Last, but not least, the ads are never being shown to our dear Patron members. Thank you very much for your support! ❤️ Finally, as you may have guessed, we are designing those ads by ourselves. In fact, they're created by Vector himself. Look at them: they are gorgeous! Why are we doing this? As you may have noticed, we are experiencing downtimes and occasionally fail to serve downloads recently. We're in a constant search of better options such as a CDN for serving our downloads and CMS upgrades to keep the website safe and full of new features. As we struggle to do all those things and keep pace with an ever-growing audience and similarly ever-growing bills, we have to find ways to offset some expenses. As always, we're open to suggestions. Feel free to express your opinion below or PM any admin. Kind regards, sh1ny
  12. Updating SAM for TESV: Skyrim Special Edition is not feasible at the moment due to underlying frameworks required by SAM are not ready yet. Namely, those are SKSE64, which development is "on hold", and NetImmerse Override, which in turn also requires SKSE to work. Without SKSE many mods aren't possible in Skyrim SE, and it's unlikely SKSE64 will see the day of light anytime soon, if ever.
  13. SAM Installation Guide

    Hello @Bernt92, Welcome to VectorPlexus.com! No, it’s not mandatory to have any DLCs installed in order to get SAM to work. The only thing you have to do is to disable 'SAM - Dawnguard Patch.esp' and 'SAM - Dragonborn Patch.esp’ (if there’s one) plugins after installing SAM and its modules. ULSP (Unofficial Legendary Skyrim Patch) is for Skyrim: Legendary Edition, which includes all three DLCs. What you want to download is Unofficial Skyrim Patch, but it is no longer supported due to being superseded by ULSP.
  14. I know it’s overdue, but here’s the news (or, rather, the lack of them): In a nutshell: Rumor has it that development on SKSE64 is on hold due to a lack in skills, time and motivation. More specifically, progress seems to be halted due to a lack of understanding in reverse engineering skills regarding “x86/x64 assembly and C++ structure alignment”. Development ‘Might’ Continue Some more background is shed on the matter by a member of the development team, in where is stated that several team-members are occupied with other responsibilities, including the Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE).He furthermore anticipates development to continue once new human capital is attracted or when personal motivations and agendas allow for it — but specifically says “don’t count on it, and do not assume any release schedule”. Development Thread Closed We notice that many users are complaining about the fact that it’s been months since the release of Skyrim Special Edition and SKSE64 has yet to be released. Do note however that as with most mods, these developers work for free in their spare time to deliver a product to the public on a voluntarily basis. We should consider it a privilege and luxury if we will ever get to enjoy it in the first place… In fact, according to the forum, “irrational and hostile behavior from users” made moderators close the development thread! Help Us Bethesda We don’t understand why Bethesda isn’t helping out. They could integrate SKSE64 in their official product, which in turn allows for more (complex) mods, making for a much better product. They can view it as a simple opportunity to boost game sales, while in fact its a massive opportunity to boost their reputation and enhance customer loyalty. Even without a monetary standpoint, it could be a great way to show how much you care about the community. We could all get to enjoy the 64-bit Skyrim Special Edition for what it truly is, while waiting for the next Elder Scrolls. Source Invisible Entity: http://invisibleentity.com/entertainment/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim/2017/06/development-skse64-on-hold/ Nexus Mods: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/5206865-wipz-skyrim-script-extender-skse64/
  15. SAM Installation Guide

    @shendragon710, transparent "parts" and disappearing models mean that there’re referenced resources that are absent from your game files. What I suggest is to remove all SAM-related files entirely for your setup, re-download SAM and install it by adding archive files straight into your mod manager. No need to extract them manually at this point. When you have added them into NMM/MO, click on each SAM module twice in order to activate it. Don’t install conflicting options such as SD and HD textures simultaneously. Start from SAM Core, pick either SD or HD texture pack, and (that’s entirely optional) select one or several modular or ‘revealing’ armor sets to match a beefed up body. Don’t forget about the prerequisites mentioned in the guide.