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      As of today, SAM - Shape Atlas for Men, will be under the general EULA, and no longer hosted on Hall of Torque. Please read more on http://www.vectorplexus.com/index.php?/topic/60-sam-hall-of-torque-and-change-in-eula/#comment-533  


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  1. SAM for SE

    It worked, I only made it ever so slightly larger.
  2. SAM for SE

    Yeah Ive mashed up my own custom textures inside sam-light too with things ive found, better feet mesh and texture, smooth pretty faces, plus I smoothed out all the Elven races so they dont look like emaciated cave daemons. Thanks again for the tips! I will try and edit that in the skeleton, the meat just needs to be a bit bigger for the animations to look proper. I have over 11k FNIS animations installed lols
  3. SAM Dragon Bone Set

    I ported this to SSE, used nifoptimizer on the mesh, and saved the esp in creation kit to update it, but in game when I put on the thong CTD lol... I guess its still incompatible with SAM-Light?
  4. SAM for SE

    Looking at that function it seems to edit 7 branches? So, we'd have to put the same scale changes to all seven of them? I admit I did try this several days ago before seeing your post and reference to the function, it changed in nifskope but not in game, so I suppose the problem was I needed to edit all of those for any scale or translation to be visible in game?
  5. SAM Light

    SOS Full version will not work until ported, it has a 32bit .dll, insta CTD.
  6. SAM Light

    Theres no need to have SOS-light active with this, its basically the same thing except different mesh and skin. A holdover until some more dependencies are available. That said, SOS may be a quicker refactor for SSE, since its dll is simpler. Still, I dont know who has the source code for the SOS dll, is that Vector too?
  7. SAM for SE

    It works great, and I love the FOMOD too, makes things so much faster! Thanks Kou, that was very kind of you to post that for us!
  8. Windows 10??

    That's only partially true, for one its only vram they fixed, a 32bit DX9 app is still an old cludgy thing by this point. That said, if you dont plan to mod Oldrim too much you should be fine, anything more than a small amount and it will lag lag lag. I always play with 200+ mods and custom stuffs, have not been able to play Oldrim since the Windows 7 days lol... I totally tried again in windows 8, 8.5, and 10, no go, unplayable, unstable. You could dual boot win7 if you want to play old games made for it, or better yet, you can get Skyrim SE, its modern 64bit and DX11, with way better mods that are active and current. EDIT: well... that is except for SAM! lol although we're very close to having that, just waiting for the bodygen feature to be added to racemenu, that and some minor code refactoring in SAM are all that remains. Plus Vector has hinted he had far grander plans for SAM but Oldrim was incapable of handling it, so the eventual full SAM for SSE may be in orders of magnitude superior. Kou has put a SAM-light up for us in the downloads section too which works great, its missing some things but at least the guys look yummy
  9. SAM Light

  10. SAM for SE

    Sweet! I will test that right away, thanks Kou! I have been loath to test the new HDT SMP since its hidden behind a registration wall on a foreign website, plus they keep dropping new versions too. I hear there will eventually be a custom cache for it, and more fixes, ive not tested it yet but have followed along somewhat. I do really miss seeing the booty and moobs swish swish tho! lol... Edit: I will check out the skeleton for the schlong size bits, and dig into that script some, thanks for the tips.
  11. SAM for SE

    One thing ive not figured out yet though is how to increase the size of the meat and potatoes, since there's no .esp like in the SOS, I guess it must be done in nifskope?
  12. SAM for SE

    Thats similar to what I did, however, I took the diffuse and made it 4k x 4k size, then the gaps provided enough room to add the schlong texture, attached is a .png to show you, I did the same with the _msn.dds, _s.dds, _sk.dds files. but afterwords I shrunk those back down to their original size, leaving the main tex diffuse at 4k. This wont really work for argonians or the katz because their tail takes up room, however, if you're slick with the UV you can just use their stomach texture to wrap the peener and forget the schlong texture on those for now. I almost went the route of SOS and took the feet off to make the extra room for all, but I figured why bother? As soon as SAM or SOS comes out for SSE then we'll have a new setup to work from and all those texture changes will be useless, from that point we can all use a single method to layout UV and have a lot more textures to share with each other here. Attached is the shrunken (nonusable) main diffuse texture I made to show you where I put the schlong lol since I made it 4k it doesnt really loose any fidelity in relation to the body skin, you cant tell the schlong texture was shrunk when viewing in game.
  13. SAM for SE

    Thanks again man, your nif works great, I tried to do one again and f'd it up some how lol, I've got to run through a few more merge tutorials, and see if I can get that outfit studio running. The last time I tried it didnt work because there was no SAM stuff for it, but that's back now right? I think ive seen it recently.
  14. SAM for SE

    I think the problem was that I merged the two nifs terribly wrong, I brought over too many things and it was a mess lol.
  15. SAM for SE

    Yarrr, I had converted all the hkx files already a while back when I was using SAM-light no schlong, they also animate the underwear sack. Looking at your nif I can see how badly I ported things over lol, im glad I made a bunch of mistakes though since ive learned a bunch. Thanks for the guidance Now my custom followers and races can have custom skins and bodies, with sos schlongs and sam too Oh I posted an issued over on github about bodygen in racemenu