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  1. Stefan being a tease: [Even more nsfw]
  2. If only I could find a big sleepy demon in my garden. I'd take good care of him, I promise. I'd feed him and play with him everyday, I swear. Can we keep him, can we keep him?
  3. I dunno, just having fun. No real point to this The rest:
  4. My 3 favourite guys right now. Left to right: The new guy; Vincent. Big, buff but gentle, a real sweetheart. Julius the tall dark and handsome warrior. A little bit rough but he means well. Finally there's Grant. Battle hardened and gruff, he just wants to be left alone most of the time. Don't forget to share your guys
  5. Hey, I like him. My original design had long hair too, stills suits him here. Big horns, muscles and attitude. Yup, that's him
  6. My new guy Vincent. I have no idea if he looks any good, I've been staring at him for so long I can't tell any more. I don't usually do smooth hairless men but damn does it show definition. Naughty pics:
  7. A nice meal and an early night? Well, at least they tried... Steak's getting cold... and it's on the floor.
  8. Well hey, if you use Racemenu I have a preset of him I can share. https://jumpshare.com/v/27o4BqXwC3FxXyasLule
  9. Stefan; a Nord so big he was asked to leave the little village he grew up in, Shor's Stone, because it took too much food to feed him.
  10. Playing around with lighting.
  11. Orcs are the best aren't they I don't know if you're much of a modder but I'd be happy to share their NIF/dds files so you can put something together. If not; I have 2 of them as followers but with a hell of a lot of caveats: No custom bodies/horns/tats etc... Must be installed manually or with NMM. Just because of the way I quickly put together my followers it tends to cause problems when trying to share them. It's up to you.
  12. Looks like that duo is having a blast together Also, all hail Sky Whale!
  13. Big boys being cute: nsfw:
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Will make sure I use that format in the future
  15. Soreness and gritted teeth are definitely in the cards for someone