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      SAM EULA CHANGES   10/20/2016

      As of today, SAM - Shape Atlas for Men, will be under the general EULA, and no longer hosted on Hall of Torque. Please read more on http://www.vectorplexus.com/index.php?/topic/60-sam-hall-of-torque-and-change-in-eula/#comment-533  


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  1. "Could not open PDF Something is preventing this PDF from being opened." definitely something is wrong!
  2. Incredible armor!!!

    Look this!!! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88987
  3. Incredible armor!!!

    Another incredible armor from this creator. Unfortunately I do not think anyone is working on them. But the creator gives permission, I'm sure of that.
  4. Modular Iron Armor

    Looking forward to this armor !!!
  5. Arm hair for SAM?

    you're welcome, my friend
  6. #ModderDrama

    for what a mod for this? you can use SAM and get much better results. Use your talent to do things for SAM. I'll keep my criticisms to myself, but I think it's no crime for me to say that SAM is superior in so many ways that it's cowardly to quote them all.
  7. Arm hair for SAM?

    this mod has several types of hairs for all parts of the body and with different shapes. "MBHROP: Male body hair"
  8. if you get the permissions it gets easier. I got permission from REFURBMADNESS but the friend who was working on refiting had a problem and lost everything.
  9. SAM Installation Guide

    on page 3 has a super detailed tutorial done by me.
  10. Incredible armor!!!

    skyrim is very unstable!