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      SAM EULA CHANGES   10/20/2016

      As of today, SAM - Shape Atlas for Men, will be under the general EULA, and no longer hosted on Hall of Torque. Please read more on http://www.vectorplexus.com/index.php?/topic/60-sam-hall-of-torque-and-change-in-eula/#comment-533  


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  1. #ModderDrama

    Hmm. I mean its odd. Theres His Mod Where you know (people can download and use it the way he provides) lol "the non broken way" and then theres mods that people make for his mod (seperate download=- seperate author and for people who would like to have a choice) it doesnt break anything if its LITERALLY a separate OPTIONAL download. meh. just have a pixel cookie. u cant eat it, use it but ...here. lol. ( i have infinite cookies)
  2. Is there a way to create a custom race with one weight ? meaning - either a "_0" or "_1" ? I would appreciate the help thanks!
  3. SAM Body - Is this normal?

    lol yepppp -
  4. SAM Body - Is this normal?

    xpmse - oh well .
  5. Was wondering it the body supposed to deform like this ? around the shoulder area and the chest seems to stretch out - like clay.
  6. Texture Compatability [NSFW]

    Great and thank you for all the help ^^
  7. Texture Compatability [NSFW]

    YES.thankyou melesee ! ill def be using one of those normals - Butt theyre still only normals are there actual textures for the body as well ?
  8. Texture Compatability [NSFW]

    ARE there any other released body textures that are not the ones that come with SAM? - something like a skysight (that would be ideal) but ill settle with options Thanks in advance.
  9. SAM Male Body Preset - Help

  10. - A Tutorial - or video - or just well written steps - on how to create a custom body preset ? i would like to have a "one" weight preset meaning no 0 & 1 range of weights. If thats possible. - Also a tutorial for converting armors using SAM. Thankyou !
  11. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    New Follower ! Luzifer By Darnexx - also my dog follower - now just a female follower and im done ----- maybe also Achilles just as a furry ----THEN IM DONE. - maybe.
  12. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    We are in December ? - yes - Winter pics !
  13. Best Follower overhaul/tweaks mods?

    Yay thanks Darnexx! lol ever since i discovered your followers ( all of which look so well done)- ive been in a "follower modding" state of mind
  14. Best Follower overhaul/tweaks mods?

    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71689/? Is this one good? -- also i know there was a mod that lets ur followers pose that was good. not sure.