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  1. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    Very nice set of skimpy armor there Jorrob96. If you have the permissions of who made it or if you made it your self and would like to share just upload it to the downloads section of the site.
  2. I have had something like this happen, but I don't really remember what I did to fix it. I believe it was caused by a conflict with another mod or from something being installed wrong or something wrong somewhere in the load order. The only thing I can suggest right now is to double check the install and load order, but I am sure you have already done that. Also it will help to know if you are using Mod Organizer or the NMM for installing your mods. It can make a big difference in trying to help trouble shot problems if we know how you are installing your mods.
  3. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    Very nice Orc warrior with the 2 handed Bone hammer there Don. That type of set up really brings out the imagery of an orc warrior no matter the game or media.
  4. I know what you mean crafty. As someone that has had a lot of thoughts of suicide I know just how bad they can be. Ixum is not a good person at all and he really showed how tasteless he can be when he did what he did to Vector. I just wanted to let people know what happened so no misunderstandings happen here dealing with Ixum.
  5. Not a lot of people do. I did not mean any thing bad by my post mind you. I just wanted to give people a heads up that Ixum is a bad subject when it comes to Vector because of the way he treated Vector.
  6. Progress on WOTC Update?

    He is working on getting it updated for WotC, but it does take a lot of work and he is not sure how soon he will have it updated for the xpack. He is working on it though just give him time. Also since you like this one so much if you play Skyrim try out S.A.M. which stands for Shape Atlas for Men. It is another of his works that he hopes to get updated for the Special Edition of skyrim as soon as SKSE is updated enough to work with the special edition. That will also take a good bit of reworking and bug fixing as well though, so even when he can work on updating S.A.M for the Special Edition it will take time as well.
  7. So just as a heads up Ixum and his work are not a good topic here. He not only told Vector to go kill himself but pushed at him to do so one day when he and Vector were talking on steam and vector was having a hard time with some things in his life. That is why Vector disappeared for a long time a few years ago. It is also one of the things that sparked a lot of trouble between him and Lady M from HoT. Vector for good reason did not want Ixum using his work after the way Ixum had treated him and things did not go well from then on out with Vector and some things on HoT. I will not go into any more detail than that since that is for Vector to post, but I wanted at least this little bit out there. With that I would ask for any contact that people do have with Ixum to keep it away from this site and please never direct him here. Even though I am sure he knows of the site.
  8. Bugs with SAM

    I have had a problem like this. When loading an area the schlong would show through the guards briefs part of there armor. It normally went away though after things finished loading and adjusting the bodies to what I had them saved at. I am not sure what might be causing this to happen especially if it is happening with non skimpy clothes and armor and if it is staying that way even after things have loaded well. Wish I could be of more help.
  9. Customize abs in Skyrim

    Yeah he is pretty sexy. Though I could do with out the lard scare on his one pec. I think that's from some game, but I am not sure. Ether way it is a great image. As for my tastes in muscularity I would take ether the hard bodies guy or the one from that image. Both are my type of guy.
  10. Ok so first off please don't upload images as a .bmp file. Please use ether jpg or gif. The problem you most likely having with adjusting pecs and butt is because SAM by it self does not do that. You will need racemenu for those things and that is done in the character creation screen not in SAM mcm. Also you might not have the correct files that go with racemenu to have the options to alter specific body parts with it. The only thing that can be adjusted with SAM it self is the penis, balls, and the characters weight. That is if he is muscular or fat or in between those 2. If there is no bounce then you might not have installed HDT BBB correctly. If I remember correctly with that there is a main file you need off the nexus that goes along with the HDT BBB from here. I would suggest going through the installation of SAM again using the install tips from this post. There are posts in that topic from people that have had problems and people that have helped those with problems so reading more then just the guide might give you some answers from things that you are having problems with now or in the future. I hope all this has helped.
  11. Vampire Lord problem

    Make sure you have to have XPMS 32 skeleton installed if you use any thing that has a custom skeleton other then S.A.M such as Joy or prospective, or Realistic Ragdolls. Load all mods that have custom skeletons then load XPMS 32 after those. You might also need the HDT BBB which can be gotten from the downloads section of the site. Also it might help to just go back over the installation instructions here in the forums for S.A.M just to make sure it is installed correctly and that stuff is in the right load order.
  12. Animal Penis for werewolf

    You would have to edit the model it self which would need knowledge and ability to work with the model it self. As well as you would need the software to do the modeling changes. So more or less you would have to make a new model that had the parts you are wanting. Also I am not sure if a mod that was made for the SSE version of skyrim would work on the original version of the game since the old one is 32 bit and the new one is 64 bit. If some parts of the mod need the 64 bit architecture it would not work on the 32 bit platform. That is also part of the problem with moving mods from the old skyrim to the new. Since it is a 64 bit platform it is hard for the people working on SKSE to make the changes they need to get it to work. Also some things that could be done in the 32 bit platform can't be done in the 64 bit platform since it functions differently.
  13. Very sexy hair texture there Kraan. Would that work with the hard body skin set? I am not fully sure on how the skins work. I just know that it is made of layers. If it would work with the hard bodies I bet it would look really sexy.
  14. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    That armor on the vampire looking guy on the right is pretty cool. Wonder if that goes up to 100% Samson. I bet it would look awesome on a 100% Samson.
  15. Animal Penis for werewolf

    That's not a but that it does not work with S.A.M. That has it's own model for the werewolves and SAM is a model replaces the werewolves model also. So they will conflict since they both are trying to replace the same model.