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      As of today, SAM - Shape Atlas for Men, will be under the general EULA, and no longer hosted on Hall of Torque. Please read more on http://www.vectorplexus.com/index.php?/topic/60-sam-hall-of-torque-and-change-in-eula/#comment-533  


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  1. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    It's SkyrimSE, yes. The body is technically SAM light in that I only use SAM body meshes and no scripts. The lighting in SkyrimSE got changed. So SAM textures do look a bit off compared to Oldrim. Subsurface scattering is the only thing I miss from Oldrim ENB. The most recent update to SE ENB finally added SSAO-SSIL and it looks much better than SE's SSAO. ENB updates won't happen as often due to Bethesda still updating SE for their Creation Club content. I still have Oldrim around for developing and testing mods, but most of my gameplay is on SE.
  2. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    I'm gearing up for my next playthrough of SkyrimSE with a quick port of Geralt's Ursine armor I made for unarmed combat. Textures aren't done yet and I still need to make an environment map to make the metallic parts of the armor more shiny.
  3. Bugs with SAM

    Only disable the .esp and scripts of XPMSE. You still need the XPMSE skeleton if your other mods rely on it (things like HDT mods/equipment, custom animations, etc). The game will most likely crash if you try to load a save and the game can't find a specific bone needed in the current skeleton.
  4. Skyrim SE & SAM

    The feet swap works fine for the most part. The only issue is the minor texture seam between the body and gentials due to resizing the genital texture to fit on the body texture layout. I'm currenty gearing up for my annual SkyrimSE run and haven't settled on a good setup yet.
  5. Bugs with SAM

    If you want to try and remove all the XPMSE scripts from your current save file (and future games), you can try doing the following: 1. Disable XPMSE.esp and remove all of its scripts. 2. Load the save game you want to continue and then create a new save. This should flag XPMSE scripts that no longer exist as orphan scripts. 3. Use Save Game Script Cleaner and follow the instructions in the description. This process works most of the time, but I don't recommend doing it that often on the same playthrough. As a rule of thumb, you can add mods while you play, but you shouldn't remove mods that rely on scripts mid-game. Note: If you want to keep the RaceMenu plugins, you will have to open up XPMSE.esp in TES5Edit and remove XPMSEMCM and XPMSEWeaponQuest under Quest.
  6. Bugs with SAM

    From what I remember, the later versions of XPMSE added a script that functions similar to SAM in that it attaches a script to the player that triggers whenever there's an equipment change (to handle weapon styles or something to that effect). SAM behaves the same way to determine whether or not a character is naked or wearing revealing armor. A simple solution would be to not use the .esp for XPMSE since you technically only need the skeleton for functionality. Disabling it mid-game after having used it won't do any good since the script might've already been attached to the player and is still active.
  7. Does S.A.M work on special edition?

    The current version of SAM relies on two SKSE plugins: nioverride.dll and ShapeAtlasForMen.dll. They both need to be ported/recompiled for SKSE64. NiOverride has been mostly ported and combined with chargen.dll into a new plugin "skee64" that's still in an alpha state. Meanwhile, unless Vector has access to the source code for ShapeAtlasForMen.dll, he will need to implement all the functions contained within that plugin back into papyrus script form. With a few adjustments, SAM meshes work fine in Skyrim SE, but without the SKSE64 plugins, the core functions will not work.
  8. SKSE64 now in alpha

    It looks like the internal name got changed from "NiOverride" to "skee" and the version number is obviously different. One of the SAM scripts checking for NiOverride will need to be changed. I haven't had the time to look at all the functions SAM is currently using and check to see if they're all implemented in skee's source code yet.
  9. HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    This mod needs to be installed after SAM since it replaces the male body meshes. My modified skeleton or XPMSE will need to be installed afterwards also.
  10. Screenshot Showoff Thread (NSFW)

    I had some time to pop back into Skyrim SE and play around for a bit. Taken with the lastest NAT + PRT ENB with some custom settings. Face and body textures are custom made that I never got around to finishing. They are for my private use only.
  11. Most (if not all) body armor use a separate mesh for 1st person. They often consist of just the arms. I'm guessing that the armor refits you're using did not cover the 1st person meshes.
  12. NPC Weight scale

    I haven't used SAM's MCM menu in a long while. I know some options were disabled for NPC's but wasn't sure if changing weights were one of them. Using the console for things like that was something I did often with or without SAM present.
  13. NPC Weight scale

    From my experience, changing the appearance of NPC's mid-game tend to cause the gray face bug and other oddities. Samson/Samuel values are an exception since they're not part of vanilla. If you still want to try, enter the console, click on the NPC to change, then type setnpcweight x where x is a value between 0 and 100.
  14. HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    Those are defined and adjusted in the .xml file. I used the "Just For Fun" program found in the HDT-PE files section on the Nexus to adjust it.
  15. Texture/Mesh issues

    Refer to SAM Installation Guide. Specifically, Link to HDT-PE.