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      SAM EULA CHANGES   10/20/2016

      As of today, SAM - Shape Atlas for Men, will be under the general EULA, and no longer hosted on Hall of Torque. Please read more on http://www.vectorplexus.com/index.php?/topic/60-sam-hall-of-torque-and-change-in-eula/#comment-533  
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Need help getting the right setup for SAM

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SO I'm new to SAM, and I am really confused. I have all the mods downloaded, and everything but it doesn't seem to do much on my character. There is no bounce on him, and its not letting me adjust any part of his body other than the penis. I'm trying to get it where I can adjust pecs and butt specifically, and I've seen plenty of other characters on here that look good, and I really wanted to get them like that. If anyone could walk me through that would be great. I attached a screenshot of my character now. The physics aren't working as well, nothing moves.


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Ok so first off please don't upload images as a .bmp file. Please use ether jpg or gif. The problem you most likely having with adjusting pecs and butt is because SAM by it self does not do that. You will need racemenu for those things and that is done in the character creation screen not in SAM mcm. Also you might not have the correct files that go with racemenu to have the options to alter specific body parts with it. The only thing that can be adjusted with SAM it self is the penis, balls, and the characters weight. That is if he is muscular or fat or in between those 2. If there is no bounce then you might not have installed HDT BBB correctly. If I remember correctly with that there is a main file you need off the nexus that goes along with the HDT BBB from here. I would suggest going through the installation of SAM again using the install tips from this post.

There are posts in that topic from people that have had problems and people that have helped those with problems so reading more then just the guide might give you some answers from things that you are having problems with now or in the future. I hope all this has helped.

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