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Actors not showing up in MCM, detection issue with SAM?

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Hi! I've got a rather odd problem and I've looked around for a solution with no luck so far. I think I'm the only one who's had this issue.

In the MCM, the menu for SAM works just fine except under the actors section, the drop down list where one would normally select an actor to edit is empty. There's no player character or any NPCs in the list, so there's no way to edit the Samson/Samuel balance on anyone. When trying to adjust the sliders, they just revert back to zero. Also, oddly, when I try to adjust the balance by race in the relevant section, nothing happens to the characters in-game even though the sliders show the value has been changed. 

I have SAM installed as well as the other required mods, in the correct load order as described in Naurdor's installation guide. I'll continue experimenting in the mean time, but I would greatly appreciate any help or advice from those much more experienced with these things than myself.

Thank you!




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I have had something like this happen, but I don't really remember what I did to fix it. I believe it was caused by a conflict with another mod or from something being installed wrong or something wrong somewhere in the load order. The only thing I can suggest right now is to double check the install and load order, but I am sure you have already done that. Also it will help to know if you are using Mod Organizer or the NMM for installing your mods. It can make a big difference in trying to help trouble shot problems if we know how you are installing your mods.

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